Association of Non-state training providers in Mozambique

This component focuses on the establishment of a National Association of Non-State Training Providers. AMEPP (Associação Moçambicana de Educação Profissional Privada) was founded in March 2017, meeting the needs of Private Training Providers to work together in response to the social and economic needs of the community.

It is expected that the Association will: improve the quality of training and of the national TVET system; ensure members adopt common accreditation standards; facilitate experience and information-sharing; provide support services to members such as the commercialisation of products and services; voice the interests of non-state providers to the Government of Mozambique; enable training providers to better respond to labour market demand; and collect data on non-state TVET.

The Association will encourage growth in the non-state training sector, complementing the performance of the public TVET sector.

A small competitive Learning Fund (GBP 500,000) will be available for the Members of the Association to use for activities which will benefit their members, such as interventions to improve quality, training of trainers, sharing ideas for income generation/commercialisation of training, research and sharing of best practice.

Once AMEPP is geographically present nationwide and a gender-representative association that follows international quality standards, it will be positioned to benefit from additional funding from other development partners.

The Association will also be a forum for information exchange, knowledge sharing, and for communication with the GoM and advocating on behalf of non-state Training Providers.


An organization representing the private sector in skills development training who promotes interaction with stakeholders and government.


Contribute to the development of integrated policies for the public and private skills sector, leading to an increase in capacity and an improvement in the quality of skills development throughout Mozambique.


The association is Membership based, for selected, accredited and approved private training providers and strategic stakeholders. It consists of 15 Founding Members and has a growing base of Full, Associate and Honorary members. Founding members of the association include JOBA T4R and Employment Fund Grantees. Members pay a membership fee as well as a monthly fee, in accordance with their level of membership.

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