FAQ'sApplication Queries

1. Where can I find the application documents?
The application documents can be downloaded and completed as a PDF document from the website or can be requested as a Word document from the JOBA office – info@jobamoz.org

2. What is the application deadline? If I miss the deadline, will my application still be considered?
The final submission date for an Expression of Interest is 30 September 2016. If you decide to apply, make sure ALL of your documents are in by that date. Late or incomplete applications may not receive full consideration.

3. Can an applicant submit and Expression of Interest directly on the JOBA website?
Yes. All completed Expression of Interest applications can be submitted through the website. However, additional documents should be submitted be sent to: info@jobamoz.org

4. Do I have to submit additional documents with the application?
All supported documents should be submitted with the Expression of Interest including,

  • Proof of being a legal entity in Mozambique
  • A current tax compliance certificate
  • Proof of registration as a government-approved training provider

5. Can Expression of Interest be submitted in paper format by post?
Paper applications can only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. All applications should be sent to: info@jobamoz.org

6. Once the Expression of Interest form is submitted, is it possible to make further changes to it?
If you decide to make changes on your Expression of Interest, make sure that all documents are in by 30 September 2016.