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Funde – Pro Moçambique

The “PRO+MZ, Vocational Training Programme” is the JOBA funded training programme. It offers six training courses in civil construction and industry. The courses are practical, taking place in workshops, test locations and at local companies; aiming to provide the trainees professional skills and experience as required by the employers. The courses developed are in three levels, each lasting 12 months, leading to professional qualifications of levels three, four or five. The courses include pre-professional internships, carried out in workplaces in the designated sectors.

Pro+MZ is being implemented by two training centres belonging to Instituto Médio Politécnico (Intermediate Polytechnic Institute) (IMEP), in Nampula and Tete. The locations were chosen because of the large number of potential beneficiaries. These are young men and women who are unemployed or have no paid work, aged between 15 and 35 years and who have graduated from grades 10, 11 or 12, with or without previous vocational training or experience. They must demonstrate willingness to improve their living conditions through vocational training and employment or self-employment in decent work.

University Foundation for the Development of Education (FUNDE) has over 20 years’ experience designing vocational training courses for both the private and public sector. FUNDE, in association with Instituto Médio Politécnico (IMEP), provides three-year medium level vocational training courses to students who have completed 10th grade. In association with Universidade Politécnica, FUNDE offers technical and vocational higher education courses, including engineering, science, technology and business administration. FUNDA also provides secondary school courses for grades 8 to 12.


"PRO+ MZ" Vocational Training Programme in Mozambique


Nampula and Tete

744 young men and women

Construction and Industry